This is definitely a departure from the classical musicals we've done in the past. I wanted to do something totally different and quirky and weird.

We got up to him and noticed that his pants were still on fire so we put those out.

If it wasn't for the other people there, if they hadn't helped, that guy would have died.

Guys-wise - we are a little banged up and it is showing. Hopefully we can get those injuries taken care in the next two weeks before we start our two-day meets.

We kind of changed up that relay and put some new girls in, and they did great. I think we found our medley team.

We have a ton of underclassmen. We're not lacking so much in talent by any means. But with the inexperience, it's going to take them half the season to figure out how it works.

I think he's extremely lucky that those people, the person that pulled him off the bike saved his life. In the 30 seconds it took us to get turned around and back up there, that bike was fully involved and he would have been on that still, and he would have been dead now.