Scott Turow
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"Scott Frederick Turow" is an American author and a practicing lawyer. Turow has written nine fiction and two nonfiction books, which have been translated into over 40 languages and have sold over 30 million copies. Movies have been based on several of his books.

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My view is that popular fiction as it existed was just plain dumb, and literary fiction was either abstruse, or unbelievably boring.

The bottom line is, I am against capital punishment, despite my understanding of the visceral attraction it has for most Americans.

I'm not a scholar, I didn't have a scholar's attitude toward literature.

You can't say there's going to be no death penalty and then say we can't have severe conditions of confinement.

Like most American boys of my age I read a lot of Ian Fleming.

The great break of my literary career was going to law school.

It turned out people were intensely curious about what actually goes on in courtrooms, and that Americans were deeply interested in law.

The embrace of plot has allowed something like the Oprah book club phenomenon to emerge.

I saw that universality had got to be the ultimate objective.