Everyone has been keen to come up and speak. Whenever they do, they say 'how are you feeling?', 'are you still fit?', 'are you ready to go and looking forward to leading the team out?' and 'we can win it and the 8-1 was just a freak result'.

They had one chance near the end and Stillie pulled off a wonder save.

We don't think the water is there.

People expect us to turn up here and beat them four or five nil and if you get the early goal, maybe it turns out like that. Obviously they’re just part-time so I think if we’d got one goal they would have collapsed.

That probably kept us in the cup because, for all our pressure, I wasn’t sure we were going to score today.

You always need to get an early goal. We came here pre-season, scored early on, and it ended up being five or six. We always knew it would be a hard tie coming to a place like this.

If you look at the nucleus of the team there are maybe three or four of us left from 2004. The club has been through two terrible seasons. We stayed up by the skin of our teeth last season and this season have not done as well as maybe we thought we would. It is a transitional period and we are just looking to have a good day at Hampden and give the fans something different.