The majority of dogs are trained on the Kong.

St. Edward made the mistake of pressing us. The greatest thing about that team was they had to play on our terms. With Stephanie and Amanda their quickness just was too much for teams. They were able to play the game more quickly than our opponents were. If you go back to our game film, they played more quickly. It was just three notches above what other teams were able to play.

We were young kids; they were in their teens. We weren't sure what was going to happen, why we were there.

Joaq's real good at the pitch.

This is only a quick fix, and what I hope is this will send a message to the province (that) it took a students' union to step in and get this young man into residence.

I'm glad that we finally took a straight up-or-down vote on the lottery. We have a very serious need throughout our state for school construction.

Those two guys were friends, buddies. Everything they did, they did together. And they died together.

We want to find and establish our identity. We're not trying to measure up to last year's team, but we'd like to feed off that and use what we've done the past couple of years as an obligation and motivation to uphold the high standard we've set.

Hurricane Katrina, the Mother Earthers say, is the result of the failed environmental policies of the Bush administration. This disaster is because the United States has not agreed to abide by the Kyoto Treaty protocols. According to those who worship the spinning dirt at the altar of Kyoto, their god, the environment, has exacted justice through Hurricane Katrina.