Scott Terry
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"Scott Ray Terry" is a retired Major League Baseball pitcher. He played during six seasons at the major league level for the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals. He was drafted by the Reds in the 12th round of the 1980 Major League Baseball Draft/1980 amateur draft. Terry played his first professional season with their Class A-Advanced Tampa Tarpons in , and his last season with the Cardinals in . He attended Southwestern University. He currently works at All Star Performance.

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There's a song on the album called, 'Pride is a Lonely Blanket,' and that is the cornerstone of the album. Pride is what pushes you forward and pushes you backward at the same time.

We formed (the band) in Athens, (Ohio) but we have lived in Columbus longer than we were in Athens. We definitely consider ourselves a Columbus band.

I write about everything in life. Whether it be things that plague us in the world today or what's on the front page of the newspaper or even love, it all comes down to what inspires you.

We're not about fame and fortune; if it comes, it comes. We care very much about the music we write and it's important that people hear how we feel about these things.

We started the band when we were in college, but we didn't start taking it seriously until about five years ago.

We try to conjure some type of emotional response from the audience.

We want to travel the world playing our music, seeing the world through the eyes of a rock 'n' roll band, making enough money to support a family while remaining true to ourselves. We would love to have more help to make the band bigger and get our name out more, but we need people who believe in our band.

I really loved the words (red wanting blue) and I thought they were a very good reflection of being in a band. I felt it was an appropriate name with which we could play anywhere, from a coffee shop to a heavy metal bar and it wouldn't matter. I wanted a name that was vague.

We've been a four-piece band in the past, but after writing our new record, we decided we wanted a fifth guy.