We want to make a platform that is inherently secure, by design and by default, ... But we know there are always going to be people with malicious intent out there that will work to exploit things in the digital world.

The president will not be satisfied until every American looking for work can find it, ... a victory for American workers, their families and America's small businesses.

We've turned our attention to helping the Republican Party and other committees to make sure that President Bush doesn't have a lonely victory.

The ad simply talks about President Bush's optimism and how democracy has triumphed over terror. Twenty-five million people in Iraq are free as a result of the actions of the coalition.

Other than the president, there's no better advocate for the Bush-Cheney record of accomplishment than the vice president.

He says he'll never send troops into harm's way without enough firepower and support, but he voted against all of the firepower and support when it mattered most for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our position with respect to the goal of the U.N. and enforcing [Security Council Resolution] 1441 is quite clear.

Should not be mistaken for genuine cooperation in an effort to disarm.

It's important for the president and vice president to continue to build support for candidates who share their vision.