It was close the whole way, but like I told the girls at halftime, there was no pressure on us ---- just come out, play hard and let things happen. We had a few things defensively we wanted to do to slow them down, and the kids responded well.

We are excited about playing in Decatur. Decatur has provided a lot of organizational support, and the facility is one of the finest.

In games like this, with all of the tension and emotion, some of that is to be expected.

I'm proud of the team. They played with a lot of heart and we accomplished more than we were expected to at the beginning of the season.

These junior players are future national stars. They are among 72 regional players in the U.S. who will be able to try out for the national squad.

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Lacey has spent a lot of time in the gym and is very competitive. One thing that sets her apart from other young players is that she works so hard.

Elliott Homes brings a lot of expertise and a little bit more financial muscle. It means bigger and better projects, and bigger and better communities that we will develop.

That obviously will be one of the featured games. Anytime you get the top NAIA school facing Alabama, that is a game rarely played.