Now is the time to honor heroes on two and four legs.

Most search-and-rescue teams are never paid for what they do. They (the teams) are (made up of) all volunteers. Even the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) teams don't get paid unless they are on an actual mission.

It?s a little shocking when you have a university like West Chester wanting you to give up your rights to anonymity and free speech. But that?s what this policy is doing. It is stifling all speech and it is unconstitutional.

This policy is an unconstitutional infringement to engaging in free speech.

I'm working with one of the better search and rescue dogs.

Bear: Heart of a Hero.

Many of these same Auxiliarist's, who responded with the BEAR Foundation, work in Sector New York and attended a seminar on 'Responding to the 500 Year Flood', held in the first week of June.

What's interesting is half the participants and agencies who attend that seminar, given by the BEAR Foundation, also ended up working in the Hurricane Region.

Many of the team members who deployed with the BEAR Search and Rescue Foundation are also members of the Auxiliary, ... they deployed as private citizens to work with the BEAR Foundation.