Scott Sharp
FameRank: 5

"Scott Sharp" is an American race car driver in the United SportsCar Championship. He is the son of six-time SCCA champion Bob Sharp. Sharp is best known for his years as a competitor in the Indy Racing League.

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If management cannot identify what their employees do and do not know, how can they support them to do their job effectively?

Danica's bringing in a different viewer. If the ratings continue to be up and the attention strong, I don't see how it won't keep growing.

Multi-pack running, there were times when the car was really good and I charged into the top five, but it just wouldn't last for long and would go off.

Businesses have not been able to identify employees who know what they are doing and have confidence to apply what they understand.

It's pretty obvious that Andretti Green Racing is a real switched-on program. Having four drivers is that much more information they can all share. Testing is so limited in the IRL ... anytime you can learn from three different drivers, it's an advantage.

It's just his year. Things are going really great for him. Dan's certainly won outright his fair share of races this year, but I think he's also been fortunate along the way as well. It just seems like he's putting one of those championship years together.

Most senior management do not even know if their employees actually understand what they should be doing.

The drivers are so close, you'll have to take a risk. I was in the top five, fell out, and I want to get back in.

She's arguably the best on-track package there is in racing.