It is hard to see the justification for ratcheting the national PM standard lower at this point.

Obviously, a hearing like this can be tricky, ... But I think the best approach in this hearing, as in so many, is to just be upfront.

[The EPA approach] combines significant reductions in emissions with protection for energy security and consumers, ... But these senators now seek to disrupt the program.

The best advice is to acknowledge the degree of difficulty some face with energy prices, but then to highlight the significant investments that are made in expanding refining capacity and in exploration and production.

Once again, environmentalist scare-mongering seeks to undermine common-sense reforms that shore up our energy infrastructure.

The heavy lifting of emissions control is already ensured by tough new EPA rules on interstate emissions and mercury control.

Frankly, we are quite surprised that the Senate may make time to even consider this petition, ... We can hardly think of a worse time to be doing so.