Today's ruling does nothing that affects the validity or infringement of the patents in suit. By admitting to the infringement in their Supreme Court petition, eBay abandoned any pretense of innocence.

I thought we passed very well (in Game 1), ... But we've struggled in Game 2s.

I agree with you Cindy. You're right.

The bottom line is whether we will be able to obtain a permanent injunction on eBay's 'Buy-It-Now' operations or whether the court will force a compulsory license.

It's an excellent course and a nice freeway and on a beautiful day too.

Since eBay's argument requires overruling long-established legal precedent, we look forward to the consideration of the Supreme Court in this matter.

I know the headline (today) is going to be about the referees, but if it went five games it made a difference, but we beat them in three.

Waiting until the end of the year and crossing our fingers and hoping that our students will pass.