The demand will exceed the supply we have.

I think we've been successful in branding this team a certain way, and maybe that Hollywood, sunglasses, jet set isn't really the look that the White Sox are all about.

We wanted to make sure that people could get out to see batting practice and take part in all the ceremonies that surround such a special event.

All of the preparations that were made to host the LCS are the same that go into hosting a World Series, ... The Division Series is a bit different -- more like a big Cubs-Sox weekend -- but things have been ready here to host a World Series game since Day 1 of the LCS.

I would argue our celebrities is Joe from Berwyn and Hank from Cicero and the family that came in from Orland Park that might be sitting in section 120, and they are as much a celebrity as anybody else.

Ozzie thinks they do a good job.

We feel like we have the best security in the world.