No alcohol on the beach whatsoever.

We've definitely had some significant beach erosion. The longer the storm sits, the worse the damage.

These are 10- to 12-foot (3- to 4-meter) waves. They can literally pile-drive you into the bottom. The longer it sits nearly stationary, the more problems it's going to cause in the long run.

New Smyrna Beach especially will have some minor erosion, but it just depends on how long and how strong the storm is.

I'm glad to help out someone we know.

It's rough and nasty out there. The ocean is like a washing machine on the agitation cycle.

If you see just a couple (in the water), that's not a big deal.

The crowds are smaller and more of a family atmosphere. It's much easier to deal with and, to tell you the truth, a lot more pleasant to be around.