Scott Pelley
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"Scott Cameron Pelley" is an American television journalism/journalist who is anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes. Prior to his 60 Minutes position, Pelley was a correspondent for the 60 Minutes II program and served as CBS News's chief White House correspondent.

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[The] Army says you are a violent man.

You just used that word again that you?re not supposed to use ? danger.

It's not the nicknames, it's how they got the nicknames that matters.

Lt. Col. Ronald Stallings told investigators, quote, 'he had no idea,' end quote, that prisoners were being chained overhead for 24 hours and more. What you seem to be saying is that it was common knowledge.

Oh now, come on. No wait a minute. That's too this is a company. This is a corporation. Come on.