I thought we made way too many turnovers in the first half. We just weren't able to get enough shots to give ourselves a chance to take control of the game.

They're going to be fighting for their life, and we know that.

It seems like he was enjoying things.

We easily missed about five sacks. I know I missed one myself. There's no good medicine. You've just got to keep practicing. You get off the line of scrimmage, you get in there, make the tackle.

Sure, I wish I was with my family. But I'm not going to complain about being on a beach when it's 80 degrees.

Boy, does this feel good.

He's a little different. He's a little more nifty, a little quicker. He reads the blocking pretty well. He's not the biggest guy, but he can hide a little bit. When you get to him, you've really got to wrap up because he can spin out of things.

He sees the field pretty well and once he sees pressure coming, we'd seen on film that he's not afraid to take a hit. Everyone just played their gap. Everyone got press here, press here and get the ends up field. If they make him run in, we get him, if we make him run out, then the ends get him.