I think we have a chance after this tournament, I hope, that we'll continue to make some progression and get better for the stretch here at the end of the season. I think these kids can do that.

It helps when the ball goes in the basket. It makes the game a little easier to manage. This is a strong-willed group right here. They do take things personally. We're working on the focus and the intensity part where we play a little smarter at times, but they are unselfish and are playing well.

We thought he was missing a step. He said his hamstring was sore as well as his ankle. But he's been getting it treated and you can see it starting to come back in practice.

He's had some really outstanding games, both offensively and defensively. A key for him is consistency. He's starting to get better every game.

They did a good job overcoming that.

Every year we come up here, it's always close games --sometimes overtime, one or two points. This might be one of the largest margins.

That's past. It was a good job. They had a couple of days to celebrate and talk about it. Now it's time to get ready for the next five weeks.

This is a good group of kids, intelligent. I think they're learning that when they share the ball within the offense, good things happen for them.

As much as Mark has done offensively, he's doing a little better defensively, too. On the other side, Erik has really calmed down some of the turnovers since he came back from his injury. Mostly, it's decision-making. He has great vision on the court.