Scott Nelson
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"Scott Anthony Murray Nelson" is a New Zealand athlete specialising in race walking. He competed for New Zealand at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, winning a bronze in the 30 km road walk. At the 1996 Summer Olympics he came 32nd in the 20 km road walk, with a time of 1 hr 25m 50s.

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Why should any parent be satisfied with their child just meeting the standards when, properly nurtured and cultivated, that child can so far exceed them?

I couldn't sleep at night knowing what might happen to it.

We have a zoning code that doesn't fit into anything coming forward in the future. If we don't do this, everything will need a special use permit.

Scores of Iraqi dead -- it was a fairly brutal scene.

Education is important to me, ... My father spent 43 years in public education in California, and my grandfather was a university professor. I'm not just a pushy parent.

I've seen him waver on too many issues to think he'd make a good leader. You can't have a leader who is not firm in his decisions.

It's not uncommon for private schools across the nation to hold kids back for a year, normally in the intermediate age, ... It's for academic reasons, emotional, physical reasons, to fully develop the child. It wasn't to gain an athletic advantage. It was to develop the study habits to succeed in college.

That (registration) is going to be crucial to the process.

Part of this is giving clients the ability to define a model, as opposed to forcing the business to adjust to the software.