Our goal wasn't revenge. Our goal was to get better.

It was a battle all the way to the end. We finally clamped down defensively.

Jared passes well, sees the floor and is a good defender.

We're not trying to look ahead. Our goal is to win the league title, and this win puts us in a good position. We need to continue to improve.

They don't worry about what the situation is or who they're playing against.

It was mainly those three, with a lot of help from others. To hold a player like that to 11 points, it takes a team effort. Our defensive pressure all night was phenomenal.

I can't imagine being where we are if we didn't have Talon and Jared. They've been a huge part of our success.

If we didn't get that early lead, it could have been a different ball game.

It was a great game. It didn't matter for the league standings, but it's a nice rivalry we have with those guys -- capacity crowd, intense environment.