I'd like to say we're visionaries, but we're really just following the momentum. What's really made this project work is City Park.

The surprise is we're going to launch earlier than we originally thought. We learned a lot from our first phase. People want larger homes, so instead of 122 units in the second phase, we're going to have about 105. And they're going to be about 10 percent more expensive.

And if the Four Seasons and the (proposed 55-story) Gulf projects get built in downtown, they'll be in the $650 to $750 (per square foot) range. Most of our buyers love to visit LoDo but don't want to live by a bunch of bars that empty out at 2 a.m. They prefer the quiet of this neighborhood but only being a few minutes from downtown.

Construction is under way and interest is strong for both of our towers. The Pinnacle at City Park South will be among Denver's most elegant high-rise communities, with a tremendous park-side location and incredible views of downtown Denver and the mountains.