We all know that the championship will be decided during Saturday's games, but we need to focus on first getting the job done at Eckerd. This team has been through a lot this season and we've fought through every challenge to the best of our ability.

Obviously, James is a threat from behind the arc and everyone knows it. They did a great job of defending it and he gave it up. It just didn't go down. It was one of those things, but we should never have been in that position to be honest with you.

We're still learning. It's amazing to say that, but we're still learning to win.

We didn't have a great February. We start out 7-0 (in the SSC), and to end up 11-5 is a little disappointing. But we talked about it (Sunday). The Chicago White Sox didn't have a great September either.

Hopefully, they know now every possession is important. We don't have a lot of depth, and that hurts us in late games. We have an issue with fatigue setting in in the last five or 10 minutes of games.

With Gulf Coast, we always know every game we'll have to do a great job on the backboard, a great job on defense because they have so many weapons and we really have to stop their transition on offense.