I lost my old one and got a new one.

He caught our eye for their reserves and we're delighted to bring him here.

It's an important week for us. We need to put this behind us and move on. These first two games just count on the final win total. The one Friday is the one that you need if you want to be in the playoffs.

Offensively we've got to a better job. We've got some skilled guys that can run, and we're just going to have to polish it. We wore out and they were able to paste us pretty good at the end.

We had some missed assignments once again. There were people out of position and they took advantage of that.

We showed an ad with a guy mountain biking and holding a conference call. The goal is to make it look cool and stylish and all that.

I don't have an answer. We are on a drive to win the game and we have five starters on the sideline. Right now, we aren't very mentally tough. We aren't doing anything different in our conditioning and our preparation.

They were able to control the ball and limit our plays in the second half. We had some chances early in the game but we let them hang in there.