The second quarter represents an example of our priorities during these times – customer growth, financial discipline, and continued investment in innovation.

What we are seeing is that customers are taking longer to make decisions and as a result, taking longer to close business.

Customers are more willing to enter discussions and engage vendors, ... Primarily, they don't have the urgency to act that they did last year, and customers are putting pressures on everybody with whom they do business.

We have a $2 billion company in a $20 billion market, and our challenge is to focus on our customers and our opportunities and to execute. No one questions the opportunity that's ahead of us and the potential for Juniper to realize the magnitude of that opportunity. The work of recent months and the priority of the [future] will be to remain focused and to let our execution speak for itself.

Growth has not only returned, but re-established itself, ... Any blanket declaration that we're back to the good old days would be wrong [though]. It's a more selective and thoughtful return to demand.

Juniper remains at the intersection of opportunity, where the increasing and strategic importance of today's network demands the integrated best-in-class solutions that the company was built to deliver.

Our performance during the third quarter reflects the return on our commitment and focus on continued execution.