We didn't do anything different this game than last time. We just executed better on offense and played real good defense.

It was part of our offense and she happened to get a good look at it. They were concentrating more on Katie. She stepped up and made a big shot.

We do match up well with each other and he knows what we are going to do and we know what they will do.

That is what got us moving and got us the momentum.

The first thing I told the girls is they have the heart of a champion. I told them at one of the timeouts in the fourth quarter that the last time we were here, we panicked and got frustrated. I told them to learn from that and don't let it happen again. They did. They kept their head in it and that experience pulled us through.

We were not getting anything from our press to begin with, so I decided to change it up and to see if they could handle that. It proved to be the difference I believe.

I thought we played real well. They came out in a box on us and it took us a quarter to get adjusted to it, but once we did, we started playing well. Once again, we won with our defense.

I can't say enough of what we did offensively.

I don't care if they get five kids off the playground, they will play us tough over here. Chad is a great coach and I knew he would have them ready.