The kids played well. They made a commitment to play good defense tonight.

I can't say enough about the job our bench did. They really push the other girls.

Who would've thought we'd be here right now? We were 7-12 three-and-half weeks ago, but we were 8-2 in our last 10 games, and that's a great way to finish the year.

We're keeping it manageable, playing it quarter by quarter. When we were 7-12 and it got to the point where it was looking bleak, we shortened our lineup. We asked some girls to be good teammates and give ups some minutes, and they've embraced it.

We have a drill in practice where we put five minutes on the clock and are down by 15 points. During a timeout I told the girls we've done this before in practice, we can do it now.

We've given up 108 points in our last two games. Our defense, right now, is full of bullet holes. We've got to start closing the gaps.

We had a lot of turnovers, but Hannah Tobin was the MVP of this game. She was really mobile in this game.

Heather has battled a knee problem all season and that?s limited her mobility. She?s making up for it on the glass.

We know it?s an accomplishment, but we don?t want to get wrapped up looking into the past. We just want to improve each game.