If Doug can keep it at a 50-point game, he's got a shot. This (Lee) team is not as good as it's been the last two years.

It is a world of difference. They gave Tabb something I don't ever remember Tabb having. They were more physical than a lot of teams.

We like to go 84 feet, and that can be tough for two guys to call.

I think if it was just one good win, people might think it was a fluke. But we've got two, and we're just proving that we're contenders.

If we use three in the tournament, we should have three in the regular season.

We had a chance to win it ourselves.

They're just crushing the ball. They're a year older now, and they have a new approach to the game. They're using the whole field, but our main focus is winning.

They've never been here. And they've gotta learn how to react to it.