The bulbs we planted in the fall should be in full bloom the first and second week of April.

Alix deserves his chance to start and we have gone for Dafydd Jones on the bench for the energy and impact he will be able to offer.

Mike is an instinctive rugby player and deceptively quick, that makes him hard to get to sometimes.

We have a young team, but I think we're going to be deeper in the middle distance than we have been in the past. I like the indoor meets just because it gives us a chance to run against other people and other competition. We don't have what you would call a track, so it's a good place to get times and see where we're at.

You only score two runs and that is what happens. You are not going to win many games like that. Jones pitched well enough to win.

They get in a cycle. They don't have economic development or the high land value they need to raise the revenue they need for good schools. And they can't attract businesses for economic development without good schools.

In many ways Alix has changed our mindset and to do that he needs a lot of credit for doing that, because his work off the field and form on it have been impressive.

We do see people who care enough about this Mountain Dew brand that they're taking time to create their own fan sites. We decided we were going to create the fan site that takes it to the next level.