It's always possible that we could catch them, but that's not really our main goal now. We just need to worry about how we are playing.

It's a big window of opportunity here with all the guys going down. I could have sat this out and said my hand's hurting more, but this is my shot. For guys like me, this our time to prove ourselves. This is what I need to do.

If you walk into an office with pizza, people are going to smell it and you get to the right person, no matter what.

We know that they are really opportunistic. We had to make sure we took care of our own net. You really have to focus on where their forwards are all the time.

I knew we better move fast as soon as I saw it.

Our marriage license is in the water.

It was in the area my client wanted, and I knew from the price the buyer was motivated.

We were last in the division when we were supposed to be a good team, on paper, and we won it when no one really expected us to be at the top, ... It shows how important it is for the guys to come together and be ready to play right away.

We're going to see the rotation that gives us the best chance to win.