We can't help but think about them. There's a tremendous rivalry between the two schools. But you have to try and stay focused on that first match. Ocean is good, very good. And they're dangerous.

Five minutes after he won today I'll guarantee you his thoughts were on staying undefeated for his career.

He's got a lot of experience in big tournaments. We tried to put him against the best kid every time.

I knew how good they were, and we wrestled them awfully tough. We were in four overtime matches.

All of our guys have been working hard this season to get to these post season matches. Once the district, regional and state tournaments begin, it is like starting our second season. We were focused and ready to go. I feel we had a really strong showing.

I wasn't upset at the kid. I was upset for the kid.

That's not really a surprise. I guess he surprises everybody else, but I think he's really good.

It's such a high level of wrestling there's a good chance he's not going to turn Harrington. I didn't want to waste any time or energy. (Working on his feet) is his strength, and if he was going to lose he was going to have to get taken down from his feet.

If there's one person that can handle a situation like he's going to face, it's Scott Winston. As good as he is, he's so hungry to get better. Kids that are this good think they know it all, but he's not like that at all.