He wrote 16 books and most of them are not about flying and the military.

He knew something about everything. He was a walking encyclopedia. You couldn't play him in Trivial Pursuit. You could only try to contain him. He had not only read about everything, he had been there.

It's about a real-life safari through Africa going after this huge, bull elephant. After all sorts of trials and tribulations, Scotty has this elephant in his cross hairs.

In a community, it won't go anywhere, it will just get swallowed up in administering the work that needs to be done.

There's no one reason that you have to take someone's word on (a price), and there's no boat that you're missing.

They'll charge full boat whether it's a mutual fund, a stock or any kind of proprietary product.

The crews on the initial attack did a great job knocking down the fire.

He's looking at this magnificent beast that he's followed across Africa and he starts crying. He just put the rifle down and walked away.

In fact, he was all for it. Back in the 1930s, he tried to join a Marine aviation unit himself. He wanted to be in a combat unit so bad. Of course the Army Air Corps was angry about that, and that's how he got his first bad fitness report.