Coming into this game he (Lewis) was as good as the two backs we've seen against Lake City and Conway. It's ironic they were all [wearing] No. 2.

It's great anytime you get to do that, and I'm proud the young guys for coming in and playing hard and keeping the shutout. Most of all I'm glad we got this one over with and we can start focusing on North Myrtle Beach.

They did a tremendous job on defense all night. I'm just proud of them. Coming into this game I felt like Loris offense and Loris' back were as good as the two teams we've already played. We said we're going to try to take No. 2 [Lewis] away from you, if you can beat us some other way that's fine.

I've been asked a million times, 'How are you going to replace Melton?' You're not. You have to find different ways. If you get locked in this [system] and say this is what we are going to run for the next 20 years, and your kids can't do it, then it ends up hurting your program.

We play a team like that and we might lose 17-2, but then when you get into your regular schedule, you have a lot more confidence.

We made about every mistake a football team can make. To win this kind of game on the road ... well, we'll take it.