You only got two choices. You either quit and get beat by 100, or you try to show some pride and fight your way back in the game.

We expect the first quarter to be a reasonably tough comparison versus last year.

Prior to Sept. 11 UPS was showing growth in its domestic air business and was on track to deliver on the financial guidance we had provided, managing through some difficult economic conditions.

Had become quite difficult to predict this year's holiday buying and shipping season and the prospects for any rapid economic turnaround.

We are all watching the regulatory process, and there aren't many surprises left out there - the issues are the issues, and I think people are looking for it to all be over.

This is a big game. It meant a lot to us and the kids, but we've got seven more games to go. Hopefully they'll respond well.

It was a tragic, yet heroic event.

We are grateful for the loyalty and confidence demonstrated by our customers, ... But we've said all along the risk of volume being diverted would increase the closer we got to contract expiration, and diversion will accelerate if there's no agreement soon. It's even more important the company and the union conclude these negotiations in a timely manner.

She certainly put others before herself and to me that is a hero.