"Scott Cooley" was an Old West Texas Ranger Division/Texas Ranger and later outlaw, best known for his association with gunfighter/gunman Johnny Ringo.

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In any given market, index funds should beat 60 percent of actively managed funds, not 90 percent like it's been.

Probably most people don't know who he (Weitz) is, but he has a fantastic record and a dedicated following.

They just don't make sense for (small investors). They'll get eaten up by the commissions.

Once the tide turns against you, it's tough. It's hard to keep growing that fast under the best of circumstances.

A lot of the pressure has been brought on managers by the fund companies themselves. They create unrealistic expectations.

A lot of shareholders are more educated about expenses. That's why they've been migrating to lower-cost funds?They understand higher expenses come out of their own pockets.

A mentality has set in that you should never get help with your finances. But some people would benefit.

Those subtle differences (in returns of index funds) make a big difference over the long term.

Any time you let a stock run up to 40 percent of your portfolio, you have to have a lot of convictions. There aren't a lot of funds like this.