She will be out for at least a week ? anything after that is just speculation at this point.

When you miss your first eight free throws consecutively, it works on you mentally.

It's hard to win ball games when you shoot like that from the foul line. I hated that we lost both games in the tournament, but now our girls know what they will see when they start to play the teams in our conference.

We gave Nikki a wide open look at a 3, which is something you can't do against a good shooter like her. She and Stephenson shot us out of our zone defense, making us switch to a man. And that's something we're not very good at.

The game really turned ... from that point on we had to go man-to-man and we're just not sound man-to-man.

That was a big call.

She just broke a minor rule in our team policy; it was nothing serious.

We have tried to put in some new things and were trying to take advantage of some of those things.

It'll be a while before I come down from this. We've just been through so much this year. It seems like everything we've done the last five weeks has just been wrong.