The question you raise, 'is digital TV ready for prime time?' And it's not. It's still in the concept stage.

There is definitely palace intrigue, ... why should Dorman stick around? This issue is going to come to a head sooner rather than later.

The technology works, but the business model is still up in the air.

I doubt the chairman would be this far out in front if he didn't believe he had the vast majority of government behind him. He's a shrewd politician in that sense.

The 8th Circuit Court had taken away almost all of their local competition authority.

It's a race, and they are all experimenting in different ways to see what works.

Washington would prefer that the provinces behave -- but Washington doesn't control the provinces.

None of this technology, over time, is proprietary. What's significant here is that Sprint says it's ahead.

Two years ago we all were talking about the information superhighway and how it was going to be around the next corner and it's way off.