I didn't know how good any of them were. We can play with any of them.

I was trying to get something going, but you couldn't get a break. (Richards' bunt) wound up working, but we couldn't put another one together.

She hit the ball well. She pulled a couple balls and I was excited to see that. Usually she hits it hard, but she hits it late, hitting it to right field. She pulled the ball hard a couple times.

We were in one of those funks. (Davis) kept us off with that changeup. It seemed like everything we hit, we hit it up.

It was a good game. We just let it get away from us.

It's always a battle with them. They'll be fine. It's early and they'll bounce back.

I thought we would have probably split with Sickles and Countryside (the latter of which visited Mitchell on Thursday night). It's a tough district.

We hit the ball well for a change. I've been waiting for that.

That's the thing. If she's not pitching, I got her in there somewhere swinging the bat.