We had more good ball movement, made more plays and knocked down more shots in the second half than in the previous three weeks combined. It was a better game than the final score. We got a lot of things to build on.

This was a quality win. This is the best team we've beat all season. And to get a win on the road makes it even better.

We lost that one in the first 10 minutes.

I just don't think we made adjustments quick enough. That will happen when you are a young team like we are.

This gives us confidence; it's something to build on. Wins like this make you better in hurry.

I think sometimes teams go into a dry spell, a spell where you can't put things together and don't play well. It will be interesting to see what this team looks like in a couple of weeks.

We didn't play within ourselves. We took bad shots and we were letting them control the pace of the game. If we tried to pass the ball inside there would be three players swarming to the ball and if we tried to drive to the basket it would get swatted away.

We really had trouble controlling the tempo. We got a little out of control early and just never had a chance to catch up.

I'm proud of our kids for battling through what we went through. They kept working hard, and we grew up tonight.