In the next three years, there is going to be a gigantic transition online. It's still going to be a challenge for these companies to basically separate out an online unit. But without doing so, they are going to fall behind what other companies are doing out there.

This stock is up on potential takeover rumors.

They are very strongly positioned in the tax market with Microsoft having moved aside. Clearly there will be some competition ... but if you don't have Microsoft in that market, there's a lot less price pressure to worry about longer term. That just leaves the brand strength to Intuit.

What consumers want is a physical presence, and typically it's just to deposit their checks. What we have found in our own research is that consumers like online banking, but they just don't like mailing checks.

Microsoft's exit from this market should lead to more rational pricing and likely improved profitability for Intuit's TurboTax. In an attempt to gain market share, Microsoft dramatically cut unit price, a move Intuit was forced to match.