The starters are what make our team better. Our starting rotation is a lot better than what it was in 2002 -and you've got a right fielder who makes us a little better, too.

I got lucky on that, ... I caught a little too much of the plate. I'm happy he didn't swing at it.

I left that one over the middle of the plate and he hit it real far. I can't let him win the game like that. I made a mistake and paid for it. I want to get back out there (tonight) to keep my head up.

I got lucky, ... It caught too much of the plate, and I was glad he didn't swing at it.

He's got five plus pitches and great makeup on the mound. That's pretty tough for hitters, especially in late innings.

You can see it on video, and someone might even point what you're doing. You still have to go out and perfect it and work on it and execute the pitch. You find a way to get it done.

We knew it was going to come down to the end, and we came out on top. All we want to do is get there and see if we can do some damage.

It is ... not a feeling that you want to have, because when a pitch is a part of your arsenal, you don't want to lose confidence in it.