"Scot Loeffler" is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Virginia Tech Hokies football/Virginia Tech, having previously held the same role at Auburn University under head coach Gene Chizik. Prior to joining Auburn, Loeffler served as offensive coordinator for Temple Owls football/Temple. He has spent over a decade coaching quarterbacks, primarily in the Big Ten Conference/Big Ten and Southeastern Conference/Southeastern conferences.

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What's amazing is that every single year, the record book is re-written. The bar is set so high that the next guy has to live up to that. That player has to rewrite the record book. That's why they succeed.

It's been a trend that they compete like heck. There are not very many places where the pressure and expectations are that high.

History has proven that they have a great track record. One thing you know is that they are going to be fundamentally sound, know the game inside and out and will be able to handle pressure.