"Saul Phillips" is the name of:

*Saul Phillips (basketball coach), American basketball player and coach

*Saúl Phillips (born 1984), Costa Rican footballer

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He's had one or two games when he had eight, other than that he always has 12, 14, 16 points.

He's also much better defensively. He chases very, very well through screens and draws tough assignments with good shooting guards. At the mid-major level, that's where a lot of the good scorers are.

We were supposed to act like we've been here before but we hadn't. Our guys just went numb.

It's been an age of discovery, I guess. That's a way to put it. Everything is a new experience and we've been competitive in 99.9 percent of the games we've played in and won some of them.

We've been a very competitive mid-major program. We're starting to come together. It's a good group. It's just that it's a young group so there have been some ups and downs.