There is continuous cooperation and contacts between the two countries and there is a committee working here to pass information back and forth.

Very clear message that the (effort) requires a very persistent battle to remove the infrastructure that terrorism relies upon.

All the dynamics there are pushing people away from each other.

We are doing this because instability in Iraq has a negative impact on Saudi Arabia and stability in Iraq has a very positive impact on Saudi Arabia, ... We want to stabilize the situation as quickly as possible.

If things go the way they are ... there will be a struggle among the three for natural resources.

Iraqi national unity and preserve its Arab and Islamic identity.

We stand firmly against (terrorism) not only militarily with security forces, but also with an ideological plan dealing with the causes and roots of those who joined the evil-doers.

We all want to upgrade diplomatic representation in Iraq and there are no political obstacles to sending a Saudi ambassador to Iraq. But the issue is related to security impediments, if these obstacles are removed, then there will be no problem.

I've never seen this country united against something more than they are united against these terrorists, ... They have seen the kind of purposeless hate and bloodshed that (terrorists) espouse, and everybody is against them.