Sass Jordan
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"Sarah "Sass" Jordan" is a United Kingdom/British-born Canada/Canadian rock music/rock artist.

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That was simple. That was sweet. That was stunning.

For me, you were leading an aerobics class.

God bless you. That was a good job, man. That was hard to do, ... if you're not particularly into it.

Despite the fact that I absolutely cannot stand that song, you've totally won me over.

Everybody loves your voice, except me.

I'm really impressed by your consistent ability to pick songs that totally suit your quirky style.

Aaron, you are growing on me. You are starting to make a fabulous name for big men everywhere.

That was very ambitious. That's a very well-known song and you changed the melody and did all sorts of unusual things in it, ... That was really kind of cool.

You know how to milk a dramatic moment.