Sarah Weddington
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"Sarah Ragle Weddington", is an United States/American Lawyer/attorney, law professor, and former Texas state legislator best known for representing "Jane Roe" (real name Norma McCorvey) in the landmark Roe v. Wade case before the United States Supreme Court. In 1989, she was portrayed by Amy Madigan in the television film Roe vs. Wade.

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We will really miss her.

I said, 'I don't know. I'll go to the library and look it up.' If I would have known I'd end up at the Supreme Court, I probably would have said no.

If you had said to me on Oct. 11, 1972 that you would still be talking about this on Oct. 11, 2005, then I would have thought you were crazy.

Everyone wants to know they have made a difference, ... I know I have. I may be tired, but I am not bored.

We were lucky. If you notice, they're all men - one black.

At this point, I will assume I will eventually come out against him. The question we have to ask is, would we want to live in an America he would envision?

Too early for women.

Independent [knowing] they can make the most basic decisions of life -- and those are when and where to bear children.

The Supreme Court is a space shield protecting Roe from the conservative federal officials that would overturn it in a second, ... If the new justice opposes abortion, the gamma rays could melt, and the shield would no longer be protective.