It's really critical that we address prevention. If we take everybody off the streets today, there would be new people on the streets tomorrow.

We seldom have any beds open anywhere in the county.

We go anywhere we know where homeless people might spend the night.

Every year I've been nervous about learning new dives. That's why my degree of difficulty is not that great. I learned new ones (this year) like an inward one and a half and a front double. That was a big stride for me. They are not the greatest or the biggest dives, but they got me where I am.

Right now I am really ecstatic. I was so happy for (coach Bill Miller). He's an amazing guy. He's been with me for all four years, always encouraging me to do my best. To be the first one from my school to make it to state is quite an honor.

I consider myself a swimmer and a diver. I know what swimmers go through and what divers go through. Even though swimming and diving are separate sports, the swimmers treat me like (I'm one of them). They are always there for me.

We believe the raw numbers are going up. Certainly, that's the impact we're seeing on the facilities that provide services. That's why we're falling behind on the numbers of beds we have available for people.

It's really critical that we act on this in a new way. The issue of homelessness affects everybody, and it was important for everybody to be at the table to think about it.