"Sarah Patterson" is a United Kingdom/British film actress.

For her acting debut, Patterson starred as Rosaleen, a Little Red Riding Hood counterpart, in the Neil Jordan and Angela Carter film The Company of Wolves in 1984. In 1987 she starred alongside Diana Rigg in another fairy tale-inspired film, playing the titular heroine in The Cannon Group/Cannon Films' Snow White (1987 film)/Snow White. Neither of these films were great commercial successes; however, the actress did develop somewhat of a cult following. She has only appeared in a couple of films since, both produced by Valiant Doll: her friend Lisa Gornick's independent film production company. The Valiant Doll film Do I Love You? marked her return to film after an absence of over a decade.

There is some doubt as to her birthdate: IMDB (the Internet Movie DataBase) states the year as 1972. But this would mean that Patterson was eleven, or else just turned twelve, when she made The Company of Wolves. The sleevenotes for The Company of Wolves Special Edition say she had just turned 13 when she auditioned for the film, which would give a more likely birth date of 1970.

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There's only been two times in our 28 years that we haven't worked together: when I was pregnant and in bed with our second child for four months and when David was recovering from kidney cancer. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as when he was there.

I think the stage is set for a great meet next Friday.

The biggest thing we tried to do this season was develop depth, and it wasn't really happening about midway through the season. You never know when something can happen, and Michelle is ready to step up when we need her. Her performance tonight was awesome.

Things didn't go perfectly for us tonight. But I think what we learned from tonight will be invaluable for us down the road and will serve to make us a better team. We had great team work, we had enthusiasm and we saw great leadership from a few of our veterans. We also saw the determination and enthusiasm from our freshmen that are going to help us contend in the future.

Beating the Auburn Tigers never gets old, even after 27 years. The pressure and the magnitude of this event never ceases to amaze me.

I think this meet is indicative of the competition within the Southeastern Conference and certainly among the nation's top-12. At this level of competition, you can't afford to count a fall and tonight was no exception.

I think the reason we're successful is that we complement each others' strengths and weaknesses.

To look at her face and see that smile pop up really says a lot about Terin's season. It's been my goal to let Terin have fun again with gymnastics, and she's starting to see that.

There are times when it's definitely to the University's benefit that we work together because we're working all the time. When we're home we still talk about it; we actually have to make a conscious decision not to talk about work.