"Sarah Jane Spidy Murphy" is a New Zealand biathlon/biathlete. She represented New Zealand at the 2010 Winter Olympics. She was the first Kiwi Olympic biathlete.

Born in Canada to a New Zealand mother and a Canadian father, she was raised in Canmore, Alberta, and Nelson, New Zealand.

At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Murphy finished 82nd in both the 7.5 km and 15 km events and did not compete in the 10 km pursuit.

Her best performance to date has been to finish 47th in a field of 100 at a World Cup event in Italy in January 2010.

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One student was pretty sure her baby had a cold, so she stayed up and rocked it all night long.

Defense is always something we take pride in. If we can't score on offense, our defense has to be strong to keep us in the game.

I think they enjoyed the project, but I think it really made an impact on them. The majority of the students said, 'I am not ready.' Whether they make the right decisions or not, I don't know. At least they realize that.

We're maturing as a team, playing better and better. We're definitely turning things around. We're making strides.