I think this goes for any player, but when you're having a strong game it's because you're just playing. You aren't worried about mistakes or second-guessing yourself or anything else. You're just reacting to the play, letting your instincts take over and having fun.

I struggled in the first game of the series, and I didn't want to end my Yale career on that note. I really wanted to be in the net on Saturday so I could play like I'm capable of. I just went out, had fun and after the game, I knew there was nothing more I could have done on the ice.

Canada and the United States spent the entire year leading up to the games training to play each other in the final. The fact that it isn't a Canada-U.S. final is great for the growth of women's hockey, but it's tough for the U.S. team. For them to have to switch focus from gold to playing for bronze will be a huge mental test.