I don't even think it's the exercise that's the biggest problem. It's all right here. I get too anxious about making the shot and as soon as I want to make it, I miss it.

Today was really a bad day. I must've been more nervous than I thought. I'm relieved the past couple of days were enough to keep me here.

It sounded like something I wanted to try. I called up the (national) biathlon coach and asked if he was interested in teaching me how to shoot, and he was.

It wasn't a very good race. (The) conditions don't favor me at all. I was hoping for a slower course. It was wicked fast.

I guess I haven't gotten rid of the aggression, so it's actually going to be a little relief to go to cross-country and just go for it and not have to worry about this area where I could fail so miserably.

It was great. It was a super chance to come here and compete in this. I just wish I would have done a little better.

I decided that instead of flailing in classic skis, I would just learn how to shoot.

I will continue to base out of Laramie. But I'll pursue skiing and biathlon at an international level for at least one more year after the Olympics. I feel like I am still improving, so I am not ready to hang up the skis yet.

There's not too much intellectual conversation around the dinner table. So, I do miss the sciences, but I really enjoy what I'm doing right now.