I wear my jacket pretty much all day. A lot of people are.

We were challenging the keeper. We had a wonderful passing game.

We were a little bit back on our heels. They are a strong opponent. It was a wake-up call. We got a little more intense, stayed more on the offensive.

It was stated then.

We're looking forward to it. GA is another really strong New England team, so it will be a good test for us.

We had great balance, great communicating. I'm really pleased.

I'm really very proud of the team's performance. Sarah was a part of many of these wins as a player, so it's nice that she shares in this. This really is a special team with great senior leadership. Ten of the girls on the team went to our middle school program. It's just a great tribute to everyone in the program.

It was 60 minutes of nonstop action. Loomis is a strong opponent and a win like this will hopefully help us get into the New England playoffs.

They shut down any offense near the goal and Jennifer was just brilliant. Our midfield play was also incredible.