We know very little about the traffic accident at this point. We haven't heard whether it was a convoy, what type of vehicle they were riding in, we just know three Canadian soldiers have been injured.

It's not too cold, it's not too hot, so they (military officials) expected the insurgents would be active this season, and they have been.

One man did escape without injuries. He described it as very sudden, that he was unconscious briefly, but he was able to escape. All of his colleagues are in hospital.

Shortly after 2 a.m., we heard two rapid explosions, we hit the ground, grabbed our flap jackets and our helmets and made our way to a shelter, where we stayed for about 45 minutes until we were given the all-clear.

No Canadians were hurt. The vehicle was able to protect them. What they were able to do was change the tires and continue on.

Certainly it was a tough day for them. We have learned from Col. Ian Hope that the Afghan police force lost at least two of its leaders and high-ranking officials.